Born to score
The NBA's Best Fans

Darvin was beat up but up beat!

Thanks for everybody who cared and let us know they were praying for Darvin.

Thank you Bram for sending the get well teddy bear, it was thoughtful of you to cross out the bears TShirt where it says "I F**ked Bram Weinstein" with a magic marker and write "Get Well Soon!"

And also thanks to Wes Unseld, who crossed of the words "9mm Ammunition" and wrote "Be a Man" instead on that box of bullets you sent, We turned your present over to the authorities!

The gang is a peace gang, as you know and we are sad that domestic violence has become so bad that its now coming into peoples home lives!!! Nobody deserves to be crowned by their lady, especially a simple intern. A simply awesome intern! There is no reason to hurt others, unless they sign a waiver like Ken Beatrice does.

The ask to Increase the Peace! And we know Abe Pollin that u r dedicated to the community so we ask you:

Change the name of "Wine" to "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Cake"!!!!

Also we recommend drinking wine in empty Pepsi cans the way Jesus enojyed it after a long day of carpentry and miracles! Or like Dana, you can pour wine into Capri Sun bladders, which can be like a pouch of courage in a Leesburg motel room

We ask everyone to respect Darvins privacy and to keep a forgiving mind when thinking of Lady Ham, because even though she doesnt like Darvin spending time with us and even though she was named after an allergy medication, Darvin loves her like bacon loves the morning sun.

As a symbolic act of support, the took all of our wine and buried it in a shallow grave in the childrens sandbox across from our office.

But There were a few very special botles that we kept because they are rare and important to us personally.